Actionable Data for Today’s Needs & Tomorrow’s Opportunities 

Colleges and universities are increasingly motivated to rely on evidence versus intuition to guide their decision making for the short term and the long term. While institutions are inundated with data, finding the actionable pieces can seem like finding needles in a haystack. We have developed a frictionless automated approach to collecting, analyzing, and reporting the most relevant and actionable data to better support the safety, security, success, and satisfaction of all campus stakeholders. 

Combining these data sets with proprietary machine learning algorithms, Degree Analytics provides leading indicators into behavioral insights that helps college and universities improve operational practices and drive the future of campus experiences.

Hear from Founder and CEO, Aaron Benz share insights on the future of behavioral analytics and how data-driven decisions can prevent students from falling through the cracks.
The story of Sasha.


Focus Drives Innovation

Our collective impact happens when we bring together engaging thought leaders, innovative partners, and a commitment to grow and change for the better.

At Degree Analytics, we challenge each other to create a vision that supports student success through positive post-secondary experiences. When we are able to provide actionable data to improve processes, systems, and self-management, we know that we are making a difference. Our team is comprised of highly-engaged, mindful and sought-after leaders from the ed tech, research and machine learning communities. We bring the very best to our team so that we can offer you the very best.

Why We Exist

To understand my passion and our purpose, you must understand my story… I was born in Kentucky from entrepreneurial parents, attended a private high school, had good grades, and was recruited and played lacrosse in college at Eastern University… hardly a rough life right? By all normative accounts, there was not a reason in the world why anyone would flag me as being “at-risk.”

— Aaron Benz, Founder & CEO


Our Values — The Four T's


We are a valued partner to Higher Education Institutions and the students they serve. We maintain the highest standards for data privacy and data security and only use student data to advance the agenda of student success.


We know that each student and each higher education institution is unique, with its own sets of expectations, opportunities, and challenges. We work to make the data that drives this diversity visible and actionable to each stakeholder in the Higher Education value chain.


We believe in evidence over intuition. Our team is dedicated to using all available data, advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to deliver the most accurate and complete models for student success at each of our partner institutions.


We are committed to turning information into action. Through the early identification of students who are at risk, we are able to empower intervention plans that drastically increase the likelihood of student success.