An Open-Source Privacy Transparency Tool

We are pleased to provide a free tool for any College or University to adopt and adapt to your needs. We believe this fundamentally helps establish trust with your students, faculty, staff, and community through transparency. 

You will find this tool:

  • Provides a basic framework for any data source
  • Establishes basic transparency of data use
  • Creates actions for governance

For additional resources and background, please see our previous articles


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Privacy Governance Download Form

An Open Source "Playbook" for Data Governance?

What is this?

We are working with talented faculty, administrators, and industry experts to create a standard set of documents and processes for any educational institution to adopt for the purposes of Data Governance. While each institution is unique and requires its own personalized system, this is an attempt to bring together the best practices and guidelines to jumpstart real Data Governance at your institution.

This takes a Village - We Need Your Help!

If you are interested in participating in this collaborative effort to help create materials and best practices for all to take advantage of, please fill out the contact information below.

Additional Things to Be Built:

- What should a privacy committee/goverance look like? (small/large institution)
- What roles should we have? What are their responsibilities? (data steward, etc...)
- Meeting Minutes Template

What else do you think needs to be built into this privacy toolbox?

Interested in Contributing? Or Want Additional Info?