EnGauge Analytics Features

Student support when they need it, the proactive approach.

Every department of the University is responsible in part to the success and experience of students. Degree Analytics provides visibility into how students actually interact with the campus and resources so you know exactly what’s working, or how you can adapt to support their success.

Facility Usage

Knowing and understanding how individuals and cohort groups are using facilities provides valuable insight for campus leaders around staffing, maintenance, cleaning schedules, and student schedules. Additionally, campus leaders utilizing key analytics can determine if cohort groups are over or under-utilizing campus resources.

Class attendance and its impact on student success is virtually universal to every university. Even still, we’ve struggled to collect it because it requires significant faculty input and effort.

Degree Analytics completely automates the process of taking attendance – delivering metrics you’ve been asking for for years with greater accuracy than traditional methods – scalable to institutions of any size.

Behavioral Insights

Common retention and student success tools are limited by the data they leverage. Grades, demographics, and historical data do little to identify how a student can be supported once they show up on campus. Understanding student behaviors is the critical missing piece needed for actually supporting students.

Turn Insights into Action Immediately

Degree Analytics is the simplest student success platform you’ll ever deploy. There is no hardware to install or software to manually update.