What if you could determine which student groups are underutilizing campus resources?

What if you had insight to learn why some student groups are underperforming academically? Why do some student groups vary significantly in retention and graduation rates?

What if you had automated reporting to inform campus leadership of these data points and more?

Meet The World’s First Student Real-Time DEI Analytics Tool powered by the Engauge Platform


Increase Visibility

Real-time student success metrics aggregated for your diverse populations i.e. race, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status, etc.


Quantify Inclusion

Better measure how your minority students are engaged in their campus community. Identify marginalized student groups and focus impact on change.


Improve Equity

Provide a campus experience that empowers all students to succeed. Measure impact of diversity and inclusion initiatives on student success.

Powered by a passionate team of data analysts, behavioral scientists, technologists, and educators, Degree Analytics is a behavioral analytics company serving higher education. Our patented platform, EnGauge, focuses on collecting, analyzing, and reporting that behavioral insights most linked to student success. Currently supporting over 500,000+ students, our singular objective is to better understand how, when and where students are engaging with campus resources. Then, apply a predictive analytics model to identify early indicators for both students on track to matriculate and those at risk of academic disengagement. The data from Degree Analytics is also instrumental in identifying changes in student patterns and trends, so you and your teams can focus support when and where needed, before it's too late.

We are currently seeking charter members for our DEI Leadership Council. Participants will be invited to share insight around your DEI initiatives, what metrics are most important, how do you currently measure impact, what are your most pressing challenges, and more!

Help us leverage our platform to better inform DEI initiatives throughout Higher Ed.