The World's First Real-Time DEI Analytics Tool Built for Higher Education

Complete your DEI toolset by adding a real-time quantitative view of student engagement across your diverse cohorts and communities.

Our patented EnGauge platform mines network data from your existing infrastructure to analyze and report the insights most linked to student success. We understand that institutions are inundated with data: recruitment data, enrollment data, retention data. Our single value proposition is to provide the missing piece: the dynamic data needed to measure student engagement, involvement and inclusion. 


How do you measure Inclusion?

As institutions of all shapes and sizes are tackling the dynamic needs of diverse populations, we’ve uncovered a tremendous gap in access to real-time, actionable data.  Our behavioral analytics provide a comprehensive view of student engagement. Engagement measured by activity. Activities as broad as time spent on campus, and those most critical to success such as academic time more specifically class attendance, library time, and time spent with an advisor.  But also activities impacting the total campus experience like dining time, recreational time or attendance at special events. Our machine learning data engine processes this data automatically to provide both comparative and trend analysis, so leaders have an enhanced view of the most critical element of student success, readily available and aggregated by student subpopulation. 

Quantify Inclusion. Impact Equity.

With real-time access to student engagement data, leaders have the tools to measure the effectiveness of programs and initiatives on campus. Our predictive analytics model serves to identify early indicators for both students on track to matriculate and those at risk of dropping out. The data from Degree Analytics is instrumental in identifying changes in student behavior patterns and trends, so leadership can identify leading indicators of academic disengagement, social isolation or food insecurity in order to focus student support efforts on those that that need it most before it’s too late.




The DEI EnGauge platform supports the creation, analysis and reporting of multiple and customized groups of students on campus, all while protecting student privacy by masking personal identifiable information and only collecting, analyzing and presenting data in aggregate form.




The Degree Analytics EnGauge Platform allows for real time and continuous tracking of the number of students present at each campus location and the amount of time they spend there.  Locations include classrooms as well as other facilities on campus including office hours, study sessions, library time, learning labs, recreation centers, dining facilities, etc.




The ability to establish and view multiple cohorts over time allows for the establishment of data driven analysis and reporting and to quickly, easily and automatically compare specific groups’ behavior again the behaviors of campus population as a whole and other definable groups. By benchmarking the DEI cohorts’ analytics, engagement differences can be quickly identified and measured.




Our DEI solution provides a comprehensive Inclusion Audit delivered bi-annually to establish key performance indicators impacting equity couples with our EnGauge DEI platform of valuable real-time dashboards to monitor and manage progress towards your DEI goals.


Cohort Activity


Using real time and frictionless data collections, campuses can quickly gauge the impact of DEI projects and initiatives on the desired behaviors they are intended to support.  Measure the impact of diversity and inclusion efforts on student success and provide a campus experience that empowers all students to succeed.

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