Intelligent Space Planning

Data-Driven Campus Transformation


Institutional Insight

1. Continuous Space Study

"Do we really need more labs, classrooms, or social spaces?" Get real-time and historical data of your facilities for immediate answers.

2. Future Planning & Evaluation

"Can we add a Starbucks?" Get answers, strategically design campus spaces, and master plan with accurate data of how your whole campus moves, enhancing functionality and student engagement.

3. Deferred Maintenance

"How can we link deferred maintenance costs with student success?" Our analytics tie academic engagement to building quality

4. ROI Project Analysis

"We never have time for post-project analysis." Recieve an automated analysis report that evaluates project returns meticulously, ensuring investments are strategically aligned with institutional goals.


Complete Visibility

Understand facility use on an accurate and detailed basis to improve utilization, prioritize investments, identify cost savings and optimize experiences. Empower school administrators to make data-informed decisions that enhance educational opportunities and operations



Strong privacy functionality and controls that enabled all data to be de-identified and anonymized. This ensures you still get all of the insight while keeping all users private.



Completely Automated

Does not require any student or faculty action: no app download, card swipe or QR code

Utilize your current Enterprise Wireless Network

100% De-Identified & Anonymous Data



Avg Access Point Count on Campus


Location Data Points Per Student, Per Day

100 %

Coverage Wherever There is WiFi

Turn Insights Into Action Immediately

Degree Analytics is the simplest student success platform you'll ever deploy. There is no hardware to install or software to manually update.