EnStore Analytics Services
for Higher Education

Is your campus collecting data, but not able to use it to generate insights? Rounding out your analytics team to do just that is a difficult task.

Often, universities have to outsource non-core competencies - like data analytics - because forming and hiring an effective data analytics team is time-consuming and expensive. 

EnStore Analytics can help fill the gaps in your analytics roster. Our team of Education Data Analysts (“EDAs”), comprised of data scientists and educators, is ready to step in. 

Work Smarter with Your Analytics, not Harder.

In the absence of full-time staff availability, use Degree Analytics’ fractional EDAs to help you and your teams. Whether you need a full-time EDA or 1/3rd of an EDA, be consistent with your analytics efforts and output with a dedicated team member that is always working on solving your problems. 



Which Stakeholders Can Benefit?

  • CIO/IT: Operational Efficiency, Zoom/Resource Usage
  • Residence Life: Identify students who left campus, isolation alerts
  • Student Success: Attendance, Real-Time Alerts, DEI initiatives, Event/Club Attendance & Engagement
  • CFO: Title IV returns, Program/Resource ROI
  • Campus Safety: # students in a building, lost devices, lost students
  • Campus Planning: New building location, resource ROI, facilities optimization

Analytics Process and Services

Degree Analytics works closely with your team’s stakeholders to carefully listen and identify your needs. Our process is simple, but effective. We work with you to: 

  • Understand disconnects between available data and your goals Identify the questions that need answers
  • Generate and report analytics that address these disconnects and questions
  • Present, listen to feedback, and iterate as necessary


CHALLENGE: Food security and access was a constant issue on campus. More dining spaces were needed to better serve students, but there was no data to guide where to strategically place the new facilities.

SOLUTION: Degree Analytics provided real-time traffic flow data around campus before and after every meal, identifying the most frequented areas of campus and the most strategic locations for new dining areas.



CHALLENGE: DEI efforts over the past 2 years have failed to raise 1st year retention rates among the most vulnerable students on campus. The lack of sufficient data has prevented leadership and other campus stakeholders from launching directed and targeted initiatives with KPIs to measure progress.

SOLUTION: Degree Analytics provided detailed student engagement and success analytics for all targeted cohorts. This allowed the initiative’s impact to be monitored and the necessary adjustments made quickly.



CHALLENGE: For the last several years, accurately calculating returns to Title IV-A resulted in over returning funds the university and students had actually earned. Not having efficient and accurate attendance data to determine Last Day of Attendance (LDOA) for recipients was costing tremendous amounts of money every semester.

SOLUTION: Degree Analytics resolved miscalculations by automating the entire attendance taking process. Accurate LDOA reports are generated every semester so funds are not unintentionally over-returned.