Diversity, Equity, & EnClusion

The World's First Real-Time DEI Analytics Tool Built for Higher Education

Complete your DEI toolset by adding a real-time quantitative view of student engagement across your diverse cohorts and communities.

EnClusion, part of our patented EnStore platform, mines network data from your existing infrastructure to analyze and report the insights most linked to student success.

We understand that institutions are inundated with data: recruitment data, enrollment data, retention data... EnClusion provides the missing piece: Dynamic, real-time behavioral data that's necessary to measure student engagement, involvement, belonging, & inclusion. 


How do you measure Inclusion?

Evaluate Services - What student groups are being underserved by the student services we have available on campus? 

Resource Allocation - Are only particular students making use of your facilities? 

Underserved Students - Why are particular student groups underachieving academically? Why are some student retention rates drastically different among cohorts?

Quantify EnClusion. Impact Equity.

With real-time access to student engagement data, leaders have the tools to measure the effectiveness of programs and initiatives on campus. Our predictive analytics models serve to identify early indicators for both students on track to matriculate and those at risk of dropping out.

The data from Degree Analytics is instrumental in identifying changes in student behavior patterns and trends, so leadership can identify leading indicators of academic disengagement, social isolation, or food insecurity.

Focus on supporting your students that need it the most before its too late. 


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Identify & Quantify

EnClusion supports the creation, analysis, and reporting of multiple customized groups of students on campus, all while protecting student privacy by masking personally identifiable information and only collecting, analyzing, and presenting data in aggregate form.

EnClusion allows for real-time and continuous measurement of the number of students present at each campus location and the amount of time they spend there.  Understand how students are using classrooms as well as other facilities on campus, including office hours, study sessions, library time, learning labs, recreation centers, dining facilities, etc.

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Benchmark & Report

By benchmarking EnClusion's data, engagement differences can be quickly identified, measured, and acted on.

In addition to dashboards, EnClusion also provides comprehensive Audits delivered on a bi-annual basis. Establish key performance indicators and monitor the impact of your initiatives on equity, belonging, and inclusion on your campus over time. 



Evaluate & Act

Using real-time and frictionless data collections, campuses can quickly gauge the impact of DEI projects and initiatives on the desired behaviors they are intended to support.  Measure the impact of diversity and inclusion efforts on student success and provide a campus experience that empowers all students to succeed.