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One Place for Your Student Success Data: LMS Activity, SIS, and On-Campus Activities

Student Success Metrics


Risk Analysis

Combine LMS, SIS, and Campus Utilization Data to create a single pane view of all student activities. Identify risk factors unique to each university related to its student behavior by cohort.


Early Intervention

Combine Manual Alerts with Automated Passive Alerts based on the most critical student success engagement factors, like attendance, LMS activity, and on-campus time activity.


Measure Impact

Do all campus investments have equal importance? Automate impact and analysis reports on how different space, tools, communication, programs, and events have on student outcomes.

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Student Behavioral Metrics

Analyze more student behaviors that better align with student success.


  • Class Attendance
  • Absence Alerts
  • Context / Importance

Online Learning

  • Student participation
  • Online assessments
  • Learning patterns

Academic Behaviors

  • Library Time
  • Academic Time
  • Class Engagement


  • Assessments
  • Midterms
  • Grades

Co-Curricular Behaviors

  • Community Spaces
  • Campus Dining
  • Engagement scores

Student Activities

  • Event Attendance
  • Campus Clubs
  • Identify Trends

Campus Usage

  • Building Utilization
  • Under-used Facilities
  • Facility Management

On-Campus Time

  • Total on-campus time
  • Nights / weekends
  • Trends


Higher education doesn’t have the funding anymore to have spaces and resources that aren’t used, so we use the data that Degree Analytics provides to better leverage those resources.


CIO & AVP of Strategic Innovation | Tarleton State University

Every budget cycle we get requests from departments that usually say ‘we need more computers, labs, space, software, etc…’  We use Degree Analytics to bring together data from multiple sources to determine what resources we really need to support our students. We have insight into what people say they need, vs. what’s the reality.


CIO | Colorado Mesa University

Degree Analytics has given us the ability to learn about our student’s engagement with campus so we no longer have to make assumptions. Leveraging multiple data points has been critical for us.


Director | Office of Institutional Planning, Research, and Effectiveness, Alabama A&M University


Impact At Scale

Understand how individuals and cohorts use rooms and resource areas to individually and systematically enhance student academic and lifestyle behaviors.

Reinforce Positive Behaviors

Extend the value of campus life by monitoring and promoting classroom and non-classroom experiences.

Enhance Existing Tools

Orchestrate student nudges, escalation and interventions through existing case management tools.

Turn Insights Into Action Immediately.

Degree Analytics is the simplest student success platform you'll ever deploy. There is no hardware to install or software to manually update.