Take accurate attendance without friction

Automated, Passive, Frictionless Hybrid Attendance

Class attendance is the number 1 predictor of success. Yet, the hurdles to collecting it in Higher Education persist as it often involves significant faculty dependency and effort

Degree Analytics completely automates the process of taking attendance. From in-person classes, to virtual (Webex/Zoom), to asynchronous LMS activity, our EnGuage Platform delivers the classroom engagement metrics you’ve been asking for without manual processes

Automated class attendance, delivered in 30 days or less, with accurracy

Degree Analytics strives to be the simplest platform you’ll ever deploy –   No need for faculty to change their routines, new cultures to adopt, or additional hardware required. The investment you’ve already made in the WiFi network, Zoom/Webex, and LMS are all we need. This means we launch in weeks – not months or years – delivering data you’ve been asking for for years

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Fast Facts

94 %

Class Attendance Accuracy

51 %

Of unretained students have attendance issues

Week 2

Automated alerts generated as early as the second week of classes


Weeks of improved attendance after nudge or intervention

Take Action

Automated Alerts

Identifies students with attendance issues during the first two or three weeks of classes: in time to take positive action

Predictive Analytics

Enables the creation of better models, deeper insights and more rapid student engagement

Schedule Optimization

Optimize schedules via analysis of most-attended classes and cohort-level attendance and outcomes


Orchestrate student nudges, escalation, and interventions through existing case management tools

Use Case: First Generation Students Class Attendance

First Generation students often struggle to adapt to college life. From Day 1 of the semester, first generation students that don’t persist have clear issues attending class compared to 2nd+ generation students.

Automated alerts identify these student’s with attendance issues within the first two weeks.

Use Case: Course Schedule Optimization

Meet the student when and where they want to be.

Understand what time of day or day of the week class attendance is highest for various courses and cohorts or students. Optimize how and when you schedule core classes so they have the highest likelihood of being attended.