Real-Time Student Engagement Metrics for Educational Institutions

Increase student success by gaining insight into the real-time metrics that matter most.


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Facility Analytics

Gain access to real-time and historical data on foot traffic, dwell times, and space utilization.


Automated Attendance

Passively collect attendance - no manual processes. Consolidates data from multiple resources to measure student participation.


Leading Indicators

Identify potential issues before it becomes a problem. Understand on-campus and LMS behavioral tendencies that predict success.


It's time to make your technology investments work for you.

Colleges and universities find more success when they rely on evidence over intuition to guide decision-making. While institutions are inundated with data, we have developed a frictionless automated approach to quantify the student experience. Using data from your current network infrastructure, LMS, and the other 50+ tools being used on campus, we analyze and report the most actionable insights impacting student recruitment, retention, and campus planning.


Privacy by Design.

At every level of our organization, we are committed to data protection, privacy, security, and compliance. We consider student data privacy in every aspect of our business from contracts to products. We also advise clients on how to approach the issue and improve their data privacy practices, particularly around wireless data management.


Degree Analytics compiles our data and provides visualizations to get our house in order, prioritize progress, and get things done at an institutional level.


CIO & AVP of Strategic Innovation | Tarleton State University

After COVID, Degree Analytics showed us that computer labs were being supplanted by students bringing their own devices. Using that data to look holistically across campus and quickly adjust resources has been hugely impactful.


CIO | Colorado Mesa University

Degree Analytics has given us the ability to learn about our student’s engagement with campus so we no longer have to make assumptions. Leveraging multiple data points has been critical for us.


Director | Office of Institutional Planning, Research, and Effectiveness, Alabama A&M University

Resources & Research

Educause Panel: The First Steps Towards Institutional Analytics

Educause Panel: The First Steps Towards Institutional Analytics

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Educause Panel: Are All Alerts Created Equal?

Educause Panel: Are All Alerts Created Equal?

A Discussion of the Efficacy of Alerts & Nudges with Colorado Mesa & Alabama A&M Universities.

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Is WiFi The Future of Public Health & Pandemic Response?

Is WiFi The Future of Public Health & Pandemic Response?

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