Quantify Inclusion. Impact Equity.

EnGauge DEI is the world’s first analytics tool focused on supporting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives in Higher Education offering both benchmarking and comparative analysis by cohort to better identify and support marginalized populations.
EnGauge DEI

Automated Attendance.

As options for hybrid learning continue post-CoVid, measuring class attendance are more elusive than ever. Our aggregate attendance module collects and consolidates data from your synchronous learning environments to report attendance more accurately. Automatically.
EnGauge Attendance

Measure Student Engagement.

With the classes of 2020 and 2021 being the most novel in history of higher education, student engagement is more critical than ever to student success. Focus student support where needed most with a smarter view of the behavioral trends that lead to student success and leading indicators of academic disengagement, social isolation or food insecurity.
EnGauge Student

It's time to make your wireless investment work for you.

Colleges and universities find more success when they rely on evidence over intuition to guide decision making. While institutions are inundated with data, we have developed a frictionless automated approach to quantify the student experience. Using data from your current network infrastructure, we analyze and report the most actionable insights impacting student recruitment and retention.

Privacy by Design.

At every level of our organization, we are committed to data protection, privacy, security, and compliance. We consider student data privacy in every aspect of our business from contracts to products. We also advise clients on how to approach the issue and improve their data privacy practices, particularly around wireless data management.
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